Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nostrildamus Speaks!

I’m going to go out on a limb and make some predictions for the rest of the year:

New England Patriots go 6-10 next year. Not only do they have a superbowl hangover, they have a “we almost reached legendary status but flubbed it” hangover. The whole team will implode.

No matter who wins American Idol, they won’t have a successful singing career. But this is really more of a rule than a prediction.

A famous sub-18 starlet appears naked somewhere, probably on the internet. This will not go well for whomever it is that publishes the pictures. Miley Cyrus’ photos will seem quaint by comparison. This is a barrier that we are approaching at light speed (the sexual exploitation of minors) and we’ll hit it like a bug on a windshield this year.

No matter who wins the president, a major chunk of the population will be angry. Not Hillary? Sexist! Not Obama? Racist! Not McCain? Ageist! This will not make for good times in 2009.

The negotiations in Denver will be ugly, with one side chanting “count every vote” and the other one squirming. No one will gain from this except perhaps the Republicans, but that remains to be seen.

People will still believe anything they read on the Internet, despite the fact that they ought to know better.

Europeans will hate our next president, too. It doesn’t matter who it is. The fact is that Europeans expect the American president to “do something” to help them out. What goes unanswered is why they appear to believe this is the job of the US President.

Howard Dean will cement his membership in the inaugural class of the Bonehead Hall of Fame.

A mutant duck/bear crossbreed will be created in a laboratory and it will wreak havoc across South Korea before finally being stopped by the US Navy in the Sea of Japan. For reasons unknown Instapundit will link to the story with the comment “Indeed.”

There will be ever-more bloggers with ever-less to say. I’ll still struggle to break fifty hits a day.

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