Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eternal Questions

Hi, folks, and welcome to Eternal Questions. Today’s question is this: “Are they trying to alienate their audience on purpose?” Up first: best-selling author Steven King!
If you don’t learn to read, then you’ll be sent to die in the desert in Iraq because the only job you can get is as a mercenary soldier fighting an illegal, unpopular war. But you’ll deserve that wretched death in the desert, you fascist pig. So there's my commercial for that.

With a thought process like that, it’s amazing that he’s not had more of his stories turned into crappy movies. Up next: Political candidate Barack Obama!

I am so tired of these gun-toting, inbred hicks who stand against our Progressive Revolution and keep us from shearing them like the sheep they are. I wish they’d just shut up and vote Obama.
Gee, I hope those gap-toothed rednecks don’t do something crazy like vote for the other guy come November! Last, but by no means least: hot-headed crank and suspected Republican John McCain!
If there’s one thing I learned from the immigration debate, it’s that my party is full of bigoted morons who refuse to do as I tell them. Secure the borders, pfft! When has that ever worked in the history of the world?

At least he didn’t call GOP members the c-word, so maybe he’s learning to tame that wild temper. Be sure to tune in next time, when we’ll ask the eternal question: “If anti-war movies hemorrhage money, then why are there so many of them?”

(All quotes are from memory and may not be verbatim, but pretty accurately reflect the sentiment)

[I originally posted this at Real Debate Wisconsin about a week ago; I've now put it here for those of you who don't read that blog]

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