Thursday, May 1, 2008

Exciteable 5-year-olds mean trouble

Today, I have no son. I've been traveling on business, but today's a holiday over here, so I spent today being with my family, like a good father. I actually felt well enough to play some Wii with them, which I'd been laying off of for obvious chafing-related reasons.

We had a good time, until my son, excited by the tennis game, HIT ME IN THE STITCHES WITH THE WII REMOTE!

I’m sure it was an accident, but I will have vengeance nonetheless.

If I could have run, I would have murdered him. Unfortunately, his mother was right there to protect him, and it took me a good ten minutes to recover.

But I’m cutting him out of the will. And someday, his mother won’t be there to protect him, and then I will have my revenge.

Until then, though, we're sticking with bowling. It's much safer.

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