Thursday, May 1, 2008

McCain’s Pastor is Anti-Smurf

The John McCain campaign today was scrambling to explain comments by his personal spiritual advisor, former Air Force Chaplain Phillip “Philly” Hanson. The incendiary comments appeared on a You Tube video over the weekend and have been setting the liberal blogosphere afire with glee.

“The Smurfs are symbolic of everything that’s wrong with the world!” Hanson said to a packed church, with McCain clearly nodding in the front pew. “Cannibalism, sorcery, and public nudity are a staple of these monstrous perversions walking in our midst. UNICEF had the right idea: kill the smurfs, bomb their villages to the ground, and let their blue skin burn in the fires of hell where they belong!”

An editorial at the Huffington Post said that it was “the most horrible language imaginable, and shows that McCain and the GOP are a clear and present danger to everything that America holds dear: wife swapping, children’s cartoons that glorify assless pants, and the right to walk in public without wearing a miniature American flag pin. This is totally different than Barack Obama’s two-faced pastor saying some controversial but understandable things behind his back.”

The progressive blog Daily Kos took a much firmer stance, saying that “everyone in the video should be deported or, failing that, put in some sort of re-education camp until they come to love the smurfs and all that they stand for.”

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