Thursday, October 18, 2007

Knowing my place, Part 3

It's been some time since I penned an update of my plan to liberate the blogosphere form the tyranny of Instapundit and Daily Kos. When I am the new blog overlord, I can assure all an equitable sharing of revenue and links for even the most obscure of blogs (like those dedicated to 18th-century replicas of cat-themed flatware).

Until that time, however, I'm forced to consort with some of the worst that the blogosphere has to offer. Case in point? Witness my current ranking:

36,482 on the TTLB ecosystem. Let's just see who my neighbors are right now:

At 36,481 we have 153: Catholic Deep Fishing. The top post (from October 5) appears to use Catholic catechism to prove that dowloading music is wrong. This breaks his 4 months of silence since July 25. Bear in mind, this blog is slight more popular than my blog is.

At 36,483 there's rockcritics links, which is a list of links to various music blogs. That's it. Just a big long list. It was last updated on May 20, 2006. There's no commentary, just a list of links alphabetized by blog author. It doesn't even look particularly useful nor anywhere near complete.

So to recap: my blog, that I type on until my fingers bleed, is somewhere in popularity between a Catholic seeking to prove that file downloading is sinful and some stoner's incomplete 18-month-old list of links.

Just down the list from me, at 36,522? I Blame the Patriarchy. The old one, over on blogspot, before they moved to TypePad in 2005. Yes, that's correct: this *!#$%& blog hasn't been active in almost three years, and it's breathing down my neck!

It's well past time that I go all-porn on my blog in a desperate attempt to at least break 30 hits a day. It's really my only hope, like how Sports Illustrated went to painted naked models to compete with ESPN, who are at a disadvantage because their only female anchor is Linda Cohn. To that end, here's a cheescake picture to get the conversion started: