Friday, October 19, 2007

How does it feel?

Oh, the delicious irony of the NYPD union bitching over giving breathalizer tests to officers who fire their weapons. Here’s what their president said:

"There is no reason or justification to subject an officer who legally fires a weapon ... to the humiliation and psychological trauma of a mandatory Breathalyzer test," Lynch said in a statement.

Why is it that the union has discovered a breach of personal liberty against themselves, yet have remained mum about their own members breathalizing everyone from jaywalkers to serial killers? And are you telling me that for years they’ve enjoyed inflicting “humiliation and psychological trauma” on those involved in minor traffic accidents and speeding violations?

So we can assume that one of the following must be true:

1. They’re hypocrites
2. The union wants to cover up for drunken cops who endanger our lives
3. NY cops are all sadists, but not masochists
4. They’re part of some totalitarian regime seeking to oppress us that does not want their performance judged or scrutinized

So which is it, my blue-clad union betters?