Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Poem for Todd Boyd

I was going to write a long counter-argument to this poorly-reasoned piece of garbage on ESPN, but moments before I began I realized that life is too short to waste arguing with cretins. Thank goodness, because it would have taken me hours to unravel the Gordian knot of foolishness that columnist Tood Boyd has woven together.

Instead, I’m going to pen a poem:

An Ode to Dr. Todd Boyd, AKA the Notorious PHD:

I think that I shall never read,
Another piece by PHD.

Whose dissertation must have been,
as good as gas from my rear end.

He loves, o’er all, the seventies,
Which calls in doubt his faculties.

(A decade that was so abhorrent,
We ‘scaped but recently its torrent,

Blacksploitation it did not lack,
But Culture? Fashion ? Not one smack!)

So if you go to USC,
Don’t suffer you his fallacies.

But rather, take a real major,
Where teachers think instead of blather.