Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Dumbledore and Dumb Some More

Well, my reaction to the whole "Dumbledore's Gay" story is universal disinterest. Did author JK Rowling need the attention? Did somebody point out that now that she's finished Harry Potter she'll need to come up with a way to get people interested in her again? What's next, Ron is a coke addict? Hermoine posed naked in Playbrooms?

One final thought strikes me: there's a story that she had to slip a note to the director of one film not to include a love interest for Dumbledore. Does it occur to anybody else that this is the reason Hollywood is struggling? They have a 700-page, best-selling novel, and in the adaptation they feel the need to slip in unrelated sub plots that don't exist in the story!

I can't say if this is hubris or rampant stupidity, but I'm leaning towards a combination of the two. We'll call it hubidity.