Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hate: It does a body bad

Ay, caramba! I just saw a recent photo of Jeanine Garofalo over on Newsbusters (H/T Ed Driscoll), and it shocked me to see just how far she’s slipped. All that hate she spews out of her mouth is apparently having a deleterious effect on her body, too.

Witness Jeanine, circa 1995 in the eminently forgettable The Truth About Cats and Dogs:

This, of course, was before the 2000 elections. After that, she goes horribly insane. Witness the horror of Jeanine, circa 2003. Having decided that Blondes do have more fun (it was Uma the guy chased, remember), she’s gone Chlorox casual in an attempt to score points with the gentlemen. :

Here she is in 2005, channeling Whoopi Goldberg’s homeless drug addict Fontaine as she does something (I guess denounce the religious right that controls CNN):

And finally, here she is a few days ago on Bill Maher. YIKES!
If things keep going like this, the next step is probably something like this (artist's rendition of her attacking Anne Coulter and Sean Hannity) :

And then finally game, set, and match into something like this, having burned off all her hate and ending up incarcerated in some mental hospital:
Bonus Picture: Garofalo as Mao Zedong:

(UPDATE: Hello, Ed Driscoll fans, and thanks for stopping by! Thanks to Ed for the link. If you're new, and in all likelihood you are, check out some other great Dollops good for a laugh, like The Raccoon Funeral or the recent spate of Chinese Toys plaguing our country. And of course, 'Classic Dollop' over there on the side. Enjoy!)

(Welcome, Pajamas Media readers. I can't tell you how much I'm geeking out about having a link from Pajamas. You'll probably enjoy the Unified Conspiracy Theory, the Life Cycle of Junk Science or, for more verbalized insanity, try out How BDS is like Alzheimer's. Look around, enjoy Daily Dollop, and come back again and again and again!)