Friday, September 21, 2007

Headlines you won’t see

Here are some headlines you can expect not to see in the coming days:

Dan Rather Withdraws Lawsuit, Apologizes for Being an Ass

Tehran University Announces Birth of Hitler Clone

Lack of Scientific Data To Prove Preconceived Conclusion Worries Climate Scientists

In a Bid to Boost Sagging Ratings, Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly Petition USAG to Suspend Double Jeopardy Laws and Retry OJ

Democrats Hail Venezuelan Pogroms as “Model Prisons”

Anonymous Typewritten Letter Proves Fidel Castro Still Alive

Rosie O'Donnell Endorses Fellow Truther and Moron Ron Paul for President

Columbia Invites Hitler Clone to Address Law School

Anonymous Source Confirms Bin Laden Still Alive, Dangerous

World Ending Faster than Previously Thought

George Bush Wins Nobel Peace Prize