Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog is the new Smurf

You know, blogging is a lot like the smurfs.

First of all, the ratio of smurf men to women is 100:1. And I know that the oppressive patriarchy that is the blogosphere runs almost that high.

Secondly, remember how annoying it was that every other word was "smurf"? Sometimes it was a noun, sometimes a verb, sometimes an adjective, yet always annoying.

Well, the word 'Blog' has officially reached this point. In fact, you can take any piece of smurf dialogue, and replace "smurf" with "blog" and not lose the sense of the phrase:

From our little blue friends:
"Hey, smurfette is all smurfed out at me because I just smurfed her up on the smurf and she's been smurfing angry ever since."
"That's totally smurfsome!"
"Yeah, smurf me about it."

And now over to the internet:
"Hey, blogette is all blogged out at me because I just blogged her up on the blog and she's been blogging angry ever since.
"That's totally blogsome!"
"Yeah, blog me about it."

All we need is a Gargamel. Blog fever: smurf it!