Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hucakbee’s New Campaign Slogan

Not to be outdone by Mike Huckabee’s new campaign slogan, Energy Free by 2017, the other presidential candidates have launched their own new campaign slogans in what is quickly becoming a motto arms race. Here they are:


Rudy Giuliani: More conservative than the other RINOs in the race

Duncan Hunter: Can you believe I'm still here?

John McCain: Get the hell off my lawn, you goddamn kids!

Ron Paul: The truth is out there

Mitt Romney: All objective observers agree: far and away the best candidate

Tom Tancredo: Somewhere an illegal immigrant is planning to seduce your wife and murder you

Fred Thompson: I’m awake!


Joe Biden: Still ‘Biden’ my time

Hillary Clinton: Bill free by 2013

Chris Dodd: Don’t you forget about me

John Edwards: Only his stylist knows for sure

Barack Obama: Not unraveling like a cheap sweater

Bill Richardson: Still the only competent Democratic nominee

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