Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Curse of D&D

D&D is the monkey's paw of screenwriting: it simply destroys everything it touches despite the fact that it should be a license to print money. It even kills its detractors, like Mazes and Monsters. That, my friends, is some potent bad juju.

Sure, you can blame bad casting (Marlon Wayans) or bad ideas (Uni the Unicorn), but that alone just doesn’t explain the level of reeking suckness that infests every attempted D&D-based spinoff.

There’s some darker, far more sinister source at work here, one that would laugh at Lolth and make a Modron give up neutrality to run away screaming in terror.

And if you got those last two references, then that dissatisfies you just as much as it does me.

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Real Debate said...

You are so chaotic neutral