Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Clinton Admits Picking, Says “I Never Ate”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, under intense pressure in the upcoming Iowa caucus from a resurgent Barack Obama, denied claims that in preschool she picked a booger and ate it.

The Obama campaign was responding to earlier allegations from team Clinton that he had been planning to run for president since age 5. The memo from Obama said:

“Hillary Clinton wants you to believe that she is for health care reform, but the reality is that in preschool she was well-known for picking and eating her own boogers. Can we really trust someone who eats boogers to tell us what’s healthy? Do you want a booger-eating war monger with her finger on the button? Vote for Barack: he knows where not to put his fingers.”

From the stump in Iowa Clinton issued a furious response: “It is true that at four years old I picked a booger, as some people have said, but I did not eat it. That, to me, just shows the deplorable state of election politics today.”

Clinton paused for a moment and reiterated “Let me be clear: I. Did. Not. Eat. That. Booger.”

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Steve Burri said...

But she did 'pick her toes in Poughkeepsie.'