Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The new Frankenstein

The evil Martha Stewart is at it again, terrorizing some poor villagers in the town of Katonah. The village is going to try to fight off her sinister corporation, Omnimedia Death Star Incorporated, to keep her from using their town in her trademark. They're worried, the article says, that "village business owners are concerned about whether they will be able to use the hamlet name..."

Hamlet? Although the article's author tries hard to portray this as some idyllic little woodlands town, in reality the average home price here is $912,000. So the short version of this story is: rich homeowner's group tries to block richer business owner from stealing name of posh old-money hideaway before they can profit on it themselves. I'm crying a river for these poor villagers. Quick, somebody start up a legal defense fund!!

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