Saturday, March 17, 2007

Evil geniuses

I stumbled across a show the other night and I saw that they had one of those ubiquitous phone-in surveys to vote for this or that person to be this or that. And it suddenly occurred to me that the people running the show were evil geniuses. Not only do they get you to write the script for the next show for them by identifying heroes and villains, and not only do they get market research to see who polls well and what polls poorly, but they get you to pay 95 cents for the privilege! This is the exact opposite of the old gimmick in the mall where they'd give you five bucks to waste twenty minutes taking a survey. You're doing them a favor, and you're paying for it, and you end up happy and invested in the show and so you have to watch it and you end up driving up its ratings. Then the cycle continues, ad nauseum infinitum.

And I asked myself: how can I get in on that action?

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