Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have mixed feelings today…

On the one hand, I am extremely excited to see that I scored a link* from the head Moron himself, Ace. Yay, me! The Great One actually read words that I wrote! Now I know the thrill-up-the-leg feeling of Andrew Sullivan looking at himself in the mirror.

Now for the downer: Purple Avenger stole my bit!

For the record: no, I don't believe that, and no, there's no hard feelings even if he did. He had the same inspiration that I did and ran in a totally different direction. I found it amusing that we had similar ideas (pull out the old MM Photoshop) yet used it in completely different ways.

Having said that, if he really did steal my bit I'm gonna treat him like Moe treated the original Alfalfa.

* = It must be noted that I have scored a previous link from Gabe on Ace, about which I was also extremely excited and very appreciative. I well recognize that Gabe is an upper-echelon blogger compared to me. But your first link from Ace himself is special. At least, it feels special to me.

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